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My Man CaveSo I got an itch to flex my handyman muscles again after repairing the concrete in my patio. This time, I was thinking of spray painting my man cave and give it some updating. Before, I would take a paint roller and manually paint any room or wall I needed to paint. I always found it tedious and using my hand to roll up and down got on my nerves and so I wanted to find other options to painting.

Everybody Loves RaymondHonestly, the idea didn’t come to me through research; I was actually bing-watching Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix and saw an episode about spray painting. In the episode, the main character, Raymond had trouble with his father, Frank because Frank wanted to paint Raymond’s home. The conflict came about because Frank wanted to paint Raymond’s house one color and Raymond wanted another. Anyway, I noticed Frank didn’t use a roller paintbrush like I would when I paint. He was using a spray to pain the house. That caught my attention because I didn’t see that usually when anyone painted their home.

What is an Air Compressor?Since my man cave needed some updating, using a spray paint would be the perfect thing to do. Well, the first thing I needed besides my paint and paint thinner, of course, was an air compressor. I was like what? What is an air compressor? Apparently, it’s just a simple device that converts power through pressure and stores it for use. Using the power of air to get things done, sort of like Aang from Avatar if he wanted to paint his house or something. I felt kind of badass already.

Covering the furnitureSo I decided to buy an air compressor from Ring Power since they were Florida’s leading supplier of air compressors. Why not buy straight from the source right? After I had got my compressor and all other supplies I needed to paint my cave, I was ready to begin. I prepare the room; I moved out some furniture and covered the bigger furniture like my couches and chairs so the paint wouldn’t get on them. I made sure there would be proper ventilation in the room too, so I opened all windows and doors and even put in a fan in there in case. I figured if I am spraying paint in the air, I should make sure air could get in and out, so I don’t harm myself. I prepped my walls, sanded them down, and washed some marks that were on the wall right off.

Compressed Air PaintingMy excitement got the better of me and instead of manually priming my walls; I use the sprayer to apply the primer on my walls. Oh man! It was so cool and so much faster to spray it on then having to roll it on with a manual brush. It cut down the time to prime my walls in half. When I was done with priming my walls, I sanded some spots. Once down with that, I was ready for the paint.

I made sure the spray was clean before pouring the paint into the cup. It’s suggested that you keep the sprayer clean between paints and even if you decided to take a break. So I follow the instructions. I wouldn’t want to ruin my first sprayer. I ended up painting my room quickly and evenly in short time. I let the paint dried and then repainted it so it would have a smooth appearance. I was really happy with my paint job. Talk with any paint professional and try it for yourself to paint with a spray painter.


Picking the Right Movers for your Specialty Move

Moving StressWhen it comes to moving, the amount of stress that comes with it can be frustrating and headache-inducing. Often, there are deadlines that come with moving like moving out of a house by a certain time. All these can just be massive stressors but in addition to that, there is the task of picking the right movers for the job, especially when the job requires moving long distances. We wondered about the safety of our items, we wondered about trying to keep a peace of mind and trusting that a moving company would not take advantage of our need to move to a new place that was miles away.

Fort LauderdaleOur search for the right movers included hours on the Internet looking at moving companies and how they treated their customers. We read many different companies, some with outright horror stories and some that seemed all right but not exactly the right fit for us. However, one company shined better than the others and for us that was Top Notch Movers down here in Ft. Lauderdale. Although their primary office was located in the sunny city of Ft. Lauderdale, we found that they offer various services including long distance moves which were exactly what we were looking for ourselves and our big move.

Top Notch Movers Yelp Review ScoreTop Notch Movers received stellar reviews on Yelp, from people of all different backgrounds. We were especially happy by the reviews of those previous customers that moved to various states and other long distances that were left impressed and relieved at the service that Top Notch provided to them. The company seemed well organized and with an efficient staff along with professional movers that understood the importance of keeping our items safe and secured. That was a massive worry for us, worried that our property, our possessions would be destroyed by unprofessional movers. So we decided to use Top Notch movers and were more than happy to see the kind of service they offered us.

Specialty Moving Services

Piano Moving ServicesTop Notch offered specialty moving services for items that are particularly delicate, in greater need of care or valuable such as pianos, any fine art that you have and even antique moving. We own a 100-year-old piano that has been passed down from our family throughout the generations. It needs special care and maintenance so that it can continue to play beautiful just as it did the day it was made 100 years ago. That piano piece was especially a source of headaches because we knew that since it is a fragile historic piece, any mistakes could potentially be costly, both financially and emotionally. That piano is precious to us, and we need a moving company that understood that. We were relieved to know that Top Notch specialized in moving items that needed special care and attention. They understood the sort of maintenance and care our piano needed to be safely moved from our old house to our new home, hundreds of miles away. Also, we had the peace of mind of knowing that Top Notch was fully licensed and insured. That was a relief.

On Time and Fast

On Time ServiceOn the day of our move, our nerves were getting the best of us, wondering if we made the right choice. Top Notch once again came through. They came right on time with their team ready to help service our move and bring us peace of mind. We know that without their help, moving would have taken hours of our time, and we wouldn’t have moved on time. With Top Notch, their experienced team already had a plan and quickly implemented their plan for a quick move. They were efficient wrapping and packing all our items in an organized manner that left us impressed and content that we choose them. We save so much on time and money but most importantly we saved on hours of headaches.

Using Top Notch Services was one of the best decisions we did for our move. Our property was safely transported from our old home to our new home without any incident. They were alert, competent and compassionate, understanding that moves are often stressful but because of them, the stress of our move was at a bare minimum, and we arrived at our new home, happy and satisfied with the results.

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Bahamas Grunge StampHey guys! I finally decided to use my vacation time and go on a trip to the Bahamas. Who wouldn’t want to go to the Bahamas? White sand island with great options to have fun, I definitely had to go. Plus, my goal is to travel so this chance to go to the Bahamas fit perfectly. My friend has a cousin who lives in the Bahamas and she invited us to go and visit her and her family in their home in Bahamas. A trip to the Bahamas and free boarding? Hell yeah!

5 oclockI couldn’t leave work fast enough that Friday. Luckily, I was already packed for my tip. My suitcases where in my car and as soon as it hit 5 o’ clock, I was zoomed out of there and got into my car. I was headed to the airport where my friend and her cousin were waiting for me to catch our flight. Besides traffic attempting to get on my nerves and keep me from paradise, I made it to the airport in my beach clothes, just in time to make our flight.

The flight itself wasn’t bad at all. To be honest, I think its because our destination was the Bahamas, what could ruin the Bahamas? With headphones in my ears and handful of airplane peanuts, I was in the air for Bahamas. The flight was about hour. Can you believe that? Paradise was literally an hour away…if you live in Florida but still, it’s just a flight away to paradise. When we arrive in Nassau, Bahamas, the sun was only setting, lighting the sky in orange, reds and yellow. It was everything I was expecting, just a beautiful place even from the airport.

Bahamas InternationalMy friend’s cousin’s brother picked us up at the airport. (a tongue twister, right?) We hopped into the car and drove right through the city to the countryside where we would be staying for our two-week vacation. It was a lovely home with so much green acreage and the beach was in view, great for us to go and relax. We greeted everyone and thanked them for their hospitality and dropped off our bags in our new rooms. The sky was getting dark but there was still enough light that we decided to run down to the beach which was literally just a 20-second run and enjoy the beautiful sea. The cool sand squeezed between my toes and the water was so clear, just gorgeous.

My friend and I were having so much fun but eventually, it got so dark that the only light that shone was the moon and it wasn’t all that bright. I realized that where we were staying had no electric lines. There was no light! I used my phone flashlight to lead the way back to the house. My friend’s cousin was already on the road coming for us.

“There’s no light!” I said pointing to the sky.

“There’s light at the house. We use a generator!” she said, “much different here than in America.”

Residential GeneratorsNo kidding. I am so used to electricity that I take it for granted. At the house, I could hear the hum of the Ring Power generator towards the back of the house. Just as my friend cousin said, the house was alit and smelled of delicious food.

After our meals and spending the next hour joking and sharing stories, we returned to the beach under the moon and the bright stars. There is one thing I have to say, in America, especially if you live in cities, you can’t really see the night sky because of all of the artificial light. Here in the Bahamas, where everything goes by a little slower, I could finally see the grand night sky. It was beautiful to actually pay attention to the world and all it has to offer.


Concrete Repair for my Patio

My PatioI love my patio, especially down here in Florida. It is so easy to enjoy. I got beautiful palm leaves and a small above ground pool where the water sparkles and shine under the sun. It’s paradise. My absolute favorite thing about my patio is my sitting area. It has an overhead so it’s always shady; my dog loves to sit outside with me. It’s just perfect place to be with my girl, a beer and my dog all of them relaxing under the shade in my patio.

DIYWell my paradise was almost ruined when I noticed a crack running through my patio floor from my house. The farther it was from the house, the more it opened. It was small at first but it grew overtime and now it was impossible to ignore. I certainly didn’t want my patio to worsen and for the crack to grow so big that I would have to jackhammer the whole patio floor and end up paying thousands. So I did what many people do when it comes to broken things in the home. I researched online and tried to learn of what options I had to save my patio floor and thus my patio.

Since the crack in my patio floor wasn’t so thick or so large, I figured that I did have the option to flexing my DIY handyman muscles and fix my patio myself. You know, concrete repair. Wow, that word sounds scarier when you say it aloud but its not. After some research and reading this post, you might be able to fix your patio yourself. Of course, I am not a contractor and I cannot give you advice, I am just saying what I did to help fix my patio.

SealantsThe first thing I did was measure my crack. I measured for width of the crack about 3/8’ of an inch, its length about 13 ft. long and its depth, about 3/8”. The numbers did intimate me a bit because I am not much of a number person but I realized that this was just scarier in my head than what it actual reality.  Once I had my measurements, I went and purchase a backer rod and a bottle of concrete repair from Adhesive Technology called CrackBond CSR. I got the backer rod as filler for my patio crack. It’s typically used for cracks that are 1/4’” or wider.

Crackbond CSRWhen I got both items, I went to my patio and locked my dog inside the house so his curiosity wouldn’t get the best of him. Besides, I didn’t want my dog around the product or to chew the baker rod. I laid the baker rod on top of the crack and used a screwdriver to push it deeper into the crack about 3/8” as deep as my crack. I did that entirely through my 13-foot crack on my patio. Once my baker rod was installed. (Ha, like my fancy word there?) I filled the crack with Crackbond CSR. I apply the concrete repair solution and use my fingertip to work it into the crack, just push it slightly and seal it against the concrete.

So now the caulk line forms like a depression in the old crack, like a valley so when it rains, my crack line would pool. So I placed another layer the concrete repair and used a putty knife to smooth it out so it was leveled.  Afterwards, I let it drive. It was that easy for me. Since the repair was lighter in color than my original patio, I just took some paint and painted it over. I am triumphal about the work I did and it turned out better than I expected. Super Proud of myself.

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Guys, You Choose Your Garbage Disposal Service

Organic Disposal Service-2Yes, what I said in my title. You can choose your garbage disposal. I was just as shocked as you are now. All right, once you got your mouth off the floor. Let me tell you about it. So I work a nine to five just like most people but today was a little different. While taking a lunch break at the lunchroom, I looked out the window and saw these huge garbage trucks picking up the trash. What caught my attention wasn’t the fact that there was truck picking up trash, but it wasn’t the same truck I was used to seeing when my garbage gets picked up.

I took my seat next to my co-workers and said; “those trucks aren’t the same trucks that pick up my garage in the morning.”

“Those aren’t the same government trash trucks. Our company uses Advanced Disposal to get of their trash,” she said.

“Wait what?”

“Yeah. They have a private contactor that comes and picks it up. They pick up the recycling bins as well.”

Metal - Garbage DisposalIt turns out that our company is trying to focus on being environmentally friendly and having much of a less impact on its footprint on the earth but wasn’t satisfied with how the public garbage disposal was handling its trash. Now I know public garbage disposals do try to be more environmentally conscious, but my company was looking for more ways to make a bigger difference on the environment. That is why they choose Advanced Disposal to get rid of their trash, all while maintaining superior recycling standards that make a difference. It sounds like a good deal for me. I wanted to find out more about this company and what it’s offering and see what made this garage disposal company such a good option for the company that employs me.

Advanced Disposal handles all types of different disposal situations such as regular garbage that you see collected in those bins, recycling, construction and demolition and even special waste. I was more interested in their recycling program, and they offered programs to fit the needs of different companies, depending on different factors such as size and type of company it is. They take in cardboard recycling but also plastics, steel, aluminum, fiber, and plastics. They collect these items in frontloading containers, roll-offs or compactors. If a company gets this service, not only does it reduce their footprint, it lower their waste bill and depending on their area, they might receive money back as a recycling rebate. It was a win-win solution for our company.

Hey, we don’t care about companies and their rebates.

What about regular folks like us?

Garabage Disposal ServiceI got you. In my research, I found that residential people can choose their own garbage disposal for their homes. Yes. I didn’t know I had a choice. Advanced Disposal does residential garbage disposal as well. They pick the trash so thousands of families in the country. In their trucks, they installed backing sensors in the back of their trucks that senses when a person comes within 6 feet of their truck. That means their trucks will break before hitting a car; someone’s mailbox or a bicyclist.

I found out that they did garbage disposal in my area, and I encourage you to check it out for yourself and see if you can work with an award winning company and get your trash disposed of properly, including recycling.


My Favorite Drink

South AmericaDid you know that my favorite drink is beer? I also love a bit of traveling. Recently I have been exploring the whole of South America (or large parts of it) and decided to write about the local beer scene I encountered on my all-too-brief visits. Let me first say that it seems each country has its own flavor. The standard details printed by the can manufacturer do not even begin to tell you what exactly you are in for. You have to actually taste the beer in order to understand what I am talking about. That is why I have chosen a country theme. I tend to look for the local brews rather than the commercial stuff that is heavily marketed on tourists’ sites.


The legend of Diego Maradona has always had fond memories for me as an avid soccer fan. Therefore, I was dying to visit this unique place which apparently has some of the craziest politics on the entire American continent. Anyway, my beer expedition focused on a famous brewer who is imaginatively called Otto Tipp. Legend has it that Tipp was Argentinaone of the early pioneering Germans that first brought exotic beer to Patagonia. So when I passed El Bolsón, I could not resist. Here was a chance to enjoy nature at its purest and also drink some of the finest beer that Argentina has to offer. By the way, if you are ever there, make sure that you do a trip to the Andes Mountains. They are absolutely amazing. I particularly liked the organic component of Tipp blends.

As you can probably tell, I am not really a fan of super-commercialization particularly for this delicate industry that relies on local and carefully selected ingredients. When I visited the brewery, it was a delightfully understated operation tucked away in some idyllic woods. There is everything for everyone and it is all done with exquisite taste. I was in the mood for their malt and wheat brew which has a non-alcoholic option. That was an experience of a lifetime drinking a fine brew whilst also seeing its production process.


ColombiaOne of the things that struck me was the way in which people here were happy to socialize at all hours. For them, drinking beer is never a binge activity nor is it a private one. You go out with friends (and even strangers like me) then carefully sample classics like the 3 Cordilleras. I understand that this brand came on the scene around 2008 so it is not really that old but it has somehow managed to capture the imagination of Colombians as well as occasional visitors like me. To me, this is really what artisanal beer should be. I happened to pop into Medellin which is apparently the ground zero for fans of this beer. One of the more unusual choices I found was the rose. Honestly, I have never tasted anything quite like it.

This beer was mellow, almost like a sweet wine with really intoxicating hues. I do not think that this is a beer that can be enjoyed standing on ceremony. It is perfect for those informal occasions when you are just looking for ways to pass the time pleasantly. For the tourists, there is a special custom-made program of entertainment that features local talent hosted by the brewery. Unfortunately, my stay was too brief for me to enjoy this unique amalgamation of art and good old Colombian beer.


PeruThis was my last stop on this round. I had heard loads about the famous Cusqueña, a beer that is said to date back to the iconic days of the Incas. This is a firm favorite in the country but tourists like me have also helped to popularize it across the globe. I was intrigued by the brewing process which uses barley instead of the corn blend that we are normally used to in the USA. The actual drink itself is of the purest form possible with a very crisp taste. US-based can manufacturers can learn a lot from the Cusqueña packaging. This is by far the most sophisticated I have seen in all my travels. After Peru, I had to return home. Hopefully, I can come back soon to continue my beer tours. So far I have had lots of fun doing the testing…and writing as well.


My Nightmare in Aventura

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I could see the fury in my girlfriend’s eyes as she stood there with the treasures of her day’s adventure.

“What are we supposed to do now, Drew?” She asked with a tone that I knew all too well.

Searching for an Aventura LocksmithThat tone meant I had better fix the situation and I had better fix it fast. I checked my pockets for the keys again I realized they were gone. I pulled out my cell phone and ran a search for “Aventura locksmith”.

It was the first time we had been to Miami. It was really the first time I had taken a vacation in the past five years. Sure, I had been to conventions and meetings out of town for work, but that was just working in nice surroundings. This was an actual vacation with my girlfriend and we were excited to be doing it.

MIA AirportWe landed at Miami International Airport on Monday shortly before noon. The airport was crowded, but we made our way through the travelers and to the baggage claim without much delay. As we walked through the airport, you could tell the people who had just arrived vs. the ones who were leaving. The people that were arriving had the palest skin and the biggest smiles. We belonged to that group. Coming from Ohio after a long cold winter, I couldn’t wait to get settled into our hotel and hit the beach.

We gathered our luggage and made our way to the rental car desk. The young lady greeted us, gathered our paperwork and showed us on a map where we could find our car. That first blast of 85-degree air hit me when we walked out of the airport and It felt like a warm hug. It was as if Florida was saying, “I’m so glad you are here, Drew. I have been waiting for you.”

Our Nissan VersaWe found our car for the trip. It was a white 4 door Nissan Versa. I had reservations about its size at first, but we were able to get our luggage in the surprisingly spacious trunk without a problem and the interior gave us plenty of room. My girlfriend was a little uncomfortable because the car only had one arm rest which is kind of strange, but , whatever It was only going to be our car for a week. We were ready to leave the airport and head to the hotel.

If you have never driven in Miami, you are a very lucky person. The traffic is horrible. People try to put big cars in small spaces while driving 95 miles per hour. By the time we got to the hotel, I was a nervous wreck. I was very happy to arrive at the hotel. As I checked in, my girlfriend checked out the brochures and pamphlets in the rack in the lobby.

“Can we go here?” She asked with a little smile as slid a pamphlet for the Aventura Mall across the desk.

How could I say No? Even if it did mean getting back out in that death race called Miami traffic. “Sure,” I said, “I’m hungry, maybe we could get a bite to eat there.”

I took the room keys from the desk attendant. We took our luggage up to our room, changed out of our Ohio winter clothes and into some more appropriate “Florida attire”. I am absolutely sure we stood out as tourists.

Aventura MallThe Aventura Mall is enormous. It is the third largest shopping center in the United States covering 2,700,000 square feet. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Sushi Siam and then it was off to shopping. We spent what seemed like hours hopping from shop to shop. But my girlfriend was happy, so that means I was happy. It was almost 8:00 by the time we headed back to the car and I realized I didn’t have the keys. They could have been anywhere in the mall. I was too tired after the trip and the day spent shopping to go back and look for them.

Aventura Locksmith 247 WebsiteI picked the first locksmith that came up when I typed in 24-Hour Aventura Locksmith, which just happened to be the name of the locksmith company, and I am glad I did. The man who came out was courteous and made quick work of getting us into the car. He was able to get a key made for us and get us on our way.

By the time we got back to the hotel, I was wiped out. I don’t even know if I made it to the bed before I fell asleep. The last thought I remember having before hitting the bed was, “I hope I didn’t lock the keys in the car.”


Finding a Chiropractor is Difficult

Florida TourismA trip to Florida is an incredible opportunity for anyone to take and experience, which was why I was more than excited about this chance to go to Florida. I wanted to travel throughout the country and saw the opportunity to go to Florida as a chance I could not miss.  Florida is a gorgeous state, well known for its amusement parks, beaches, and tourism. So I didn’t want to miss the excitement, great fun and accepted the offer to go. I packed up my things, bid my family farewell and jumped on the first plane to Florida.

During my trip, I learned about Florida’s history, many of its locals and why they loved their home state. It was no wonder why so many people flocked to Florida and wanted to live there. It was warm all year round in Florida and even on some of its coldest days, it didn’t compare to the Northern Winters. Life in Florida was a vacation all year round because no matter where I was in Florida, there was something to do, a place where I could create memories and try new things. Since the Florida weather was so permitting with gorgeous summers, I decided this was my chance to do something different. I wanted to enjoy water rides and to surf the waves in Florida.

Ever since I was a young child, I wanted to ride on a surfboard, and the chance to surf in Florida was too much to ignore. As Florida is full of different activities, I tried as many as I could, savoring all the experiences and saving them on my camera. I wanted to make sure that when my trip was over, I would have something to look back on and share with my friends and family.


One of the activities I decided to do was windsurfing on a Florida beach near a city called Tamarac.  During that ride, I began to sense that everything wasn’t all right. I felt a sharp, severe pain in my back. As it turned out, windsurfing is a sport filled with fun and thrills, but it can still be risky and sometimes windsurfers can gain injuries. After my surf, I realized that I couldn’t even stand properly, which caused me to panic. My thoughts raced trying to figure out what to do. I was in a different state, and I didn’t know the local area. I was a tourist in a massive state. Not only was I upset about my injury, but also, I was upset that my entire trip to Florida would be ruined. I had planned for a fun trip full memories, and now I would return home with an injured back. As I panicked about my back, the people who helped him windsurf informed me of a chiropractor in Tamarac, near where I was already. I hoped for a miracle.

Spinal HealthWhat I didn’t know was that the care I was about to receive was from some of the best chiropractors in Tamarac. These chiropractors had years of experience helping those who suffered severe accidents get back to shape and their health. They provided treatment for all types of patients and could give me a hand as well. They also understood the distress an injured patient would undergo. Patients are not only in pain physically, but they begin to stress about their future, if their quality of life would be restored and many other things. Here in Florida, many professional chiropractors are aware of people who are injured while vacationing in Florida and know exactly what to do to help restore their patients and ease their worries. I went to see the chiropractor immediately after my accident.

To help cure or ease back pain, chiropractors understand how essential it is that the spinal cord remains in its proper position within the body. Chiropractors also take note of any other spinal issues that may have occurred at the time of the accident. In that way, chiropractors can prescribe the best form of treatment for their patients. At the office, I was relieved to be received by a doctor that understood my fears and my injuries. The chiropractors reassured me to stay calm and immediately went to work to help solve my back pain. It was a good thing that I went quickly to see these Chiropractors because the earlier the treatment, the better the odds of a safe recovery.

I was better within a few days, but unfortunately, I had to return home and leave Florida behind. However, despite the accident, I was still content with my experience, and I’m already planning another trip back to Florida. I found the professionals in Florida to be compassionate and knowledgeable and trust that if anything happened again, I would be in right hands.

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T-Shirts for Charity

CharityI’ve always heard about giving t-shirts for charities as a good opportunity to give back to the community. However, in my many years of traveling across America, I never had the chance to do this. Like many other travelers, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is what makes the travels exciting and memorable. You get a chance to learn new things and also accept the little you have.

Do you know that there are many people out there who only dream of the few things you complain about? While you say the taxes are too high or you need better finances to own a bigger three bedroom house, there is someone who can’t afford a decent shelter or meal. Imagine living on less than two dollars a day?

Some time back, I had the privilege of visiting a small town in America. The truth is I was looking forward to scaling the mountains and trekking through the dense jungles. I mean, this was certainly a good break from the more common scene bustling with skyscrapers, traffic jams, and noise. All I could think of was being one with nature, enjoying the panoramic views, and being part of a different culture, though momentarily.

HikingMy first week was spent hiking through the pristine jungles and enjoying the camping experience. I also saw some unique and rare animals that couldn’t be found in my home area. Being a nature and animal lover, I could only appreciate the effort put by this community in preserving their environment.

As I was mountain biking through the vast grasslands, I came across a group of volunteers that were planning a charity walk to raise awareness on cancer. Having lost family members, relatives, and friends to the scourge, I saw this as the best opportunity to give back to the community. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1,685,210 new cancer cases will be reported by the end of 2016 in the US alone. An estimated 595,690 victims will succumb to death.

Figures from the National Budget indicate that a whopping $125 billion is spent on cancer care and this value is expected to rise to $ 156 billion by 2020.

The rise in the cases affects all cancers which include breast, prostate, lung, colon, bronchus cancer, skin, rectum, bladder, pelvis, kidney and many others.

ContributionsWhat was more worrying is that though many cases can be prevented by early detection and treatment, many people are still dying from the disease? The majority of the people discover they are suffering from the disease when it has reached critical stages. And at this level treating it becomes not only challenging but also costly.

Many people are also misinformed about the disease or believe in myths that are not true. This stops them from going for regular examination such as Pap smear or prostate screening. Many also delay in seeking proper treatment early enough. T-shirts for charities was certainly a good concept for educating and raising awareness about the disease.

TShirt DesignThe Charity Group was aiming at raising awareness about breast cancer which was the commonest form of cancer in women. As a volunteer, my role was to help the group come up with good designs and sketches that would appeal to the community. Though challenging, we were finally able to create a t-shirt that was informative and sent the right message. And of course, the pink ribbon was part of the tee shirt.

Distributing the t-shirts to the community was certainly a moment I’ll never forget. Listening to people talk about how they lost their loved ones or victims who are afflicted by the scourge got quite emotional, and more reason I felt proud of being part of the volunteers. It brought me pride to see so many people involved in the event without expecting anything in return – all for a good cause.

The climax of the day saw many residents, non-for-profit organizations, missions, and other agencies walking proudly down the streets as they adorned the well-designed t-shirts. But what was more inspiring is that they did this to create a better tomorrow by educating the public and standing in solidarity with the victims.

I have traveled to many places, met quite some people, and learned a lot of things. But, being part of one of the T-shirts for charities volunteer programs is a moment that I will always cherish.


Tri-State VIP

Hey, guys! Thanks for checking out my site! A lot of you want to know who is the person behind the site. Well, there is no need to worry anymore! My name is Andrew, but everyone calls me Drew! I am just a regular guy from the south with big dreams of traveling around the world. My goal is to travel all over the country, check out local people and different cultures. Eventually, graduate from local travel and see other different countries and meet new people from around the country.

I think people are more than where they came from and should travel and see the planet they live on and experience all it has to offer.

I will be documenting my experiences and my thoughts to share with you. Who knows, maybe you have questions and maybe through my site, you discover something new that you wouldn’t have even thought about or imagine.

I will be offering tips, all sorts of advice and other valuable information like what you should do in different situations or places that you might need and consider for your own self when you decide to go traveling as well.

I hope you guys find this website of mine useful, informative, and funny. I want to thank you all for the support you have given me. I really appreciate it, and it makes me happy to know that so many people in the cyber world would support me and join me on my journey. Thank you so much and don’t forget to like and share!